Brian Day – Supreme Court Challenge Rally

Memo from CUPE BC

Date:  September 2, 2016          
To: All CUPE BC Lower Mainland Local Presidents
From: Paul Faoro, President
RE: Brian Day - Supreme Court Challenge Rally
 Dear CUPE members,
This year’s Labour Day celebrations will barely be over before we face a significant challenge that affects us all.
On Tuesday morning, September 6, the BC Supreme Court will finally begin to hear the court challenge of our Medicare system launched by health care privateer Dr. Brian Day—an unprecedented Charter challenge that could remove the laws that ensure Canadians’ access to health care is based on need and not wealth.
The BC Health Coalition is asking for as many people as possible to show up outside the BC Supreme Court building (corner of Nelson at Hornby Street, downtown Vancouver) on Tuesday morning, from 9 a.m. until 12 noon. Apologies for the short notice, as this request just came in this afternoon.
This groundbreaking case is likely to go on for several months, so let’s pack the courtroom and defend public health care!
In solidarity,
Paul Faoro
 CUPE BC, President
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1004 supporting MoveUp members

The BC Nurses Union (BCNU) has locked out their administrative staff, members of MoveUp. These members have been locked out for the last 44 days. CUPE 1004 executive members, Andy Healey, Frank Lee, Andrew Ledger, and Sarah Carrier joined the MoveUp members on the picket line today, along with other CUPE members from around the region.

We stand in solidarity with these members, and will continue to support them through this unjust lockout.

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In the photo: CUPE 1004 executive members, with CUPE BC president, Paul Faoro, and MoveUp president, David Black. (photo credit: Daniel Gawthrop)

Members Update: September


Sept. 2016

Executive Report

CUPE Local 1004 has worked with the City to expand Sanitation stressing cleaning and street litter services, convert Temporary Full-time members to Full-time, and avoid any layoffs through a comprehensive Labour Adjustment Plan (LAP). Multi-Materials BC (MMBC) will be taking over responsibility for recycling in the City of Vancouver at the beginning of October.  The LAP is a real win in the wake of this loss.

Over the last month President Andrew Ledger and Vice President Gary Parker worked daily with our members and pushed management to ensure all Sanitation Branch members had the best possible landing spot in line with seniority.

Aug 11- Ledger and Parker meet with City to lay out the plan for the LAP.

Aug 12 – Members who selected to leave the Branch were advised of their opportunities in other Branches and give time to make the decision.

Aug 15-16 – A “dry run” of the LAP selection was conducted to give members an idea of where their seniority would place them in the Branch with all the newly-created positions.

Aug 17 – Members leaving the Branch made their final decision to either stay in Sanitation or move to another Branch.

Aug 18 – Preparations were made for a collections board reset.

Aug 22 – Crew talks took place with all members to update.

Aug 23 – All Regular Full-time members in Green Bin & Garbage collections conducted a board reset based on Branch seniority.

Aug 24-26 – Crew talks continued twice a day to answer questions.

Aug 29 – Entire Branch takes part in the final LAP placement and all members select postings and positions based on Branch seniority.

The members who selected to leave Sanitation Branch will remain in the Branch until October 3rd and then transfer as follows:

Streets  –  2 Operations Worker II positions
Waterworks  –  4 Operations Worker II positions
Sewers  –  7 Operations Worker II positions
Transfer and Landfill  –  7 Operations Worker II positions & 1 EO IVb

Sanitation members who move to another Branch are entitled to 6 months wage protection, and then port their seniority to the new Branch after 6 months, in line with the Collective Agreement.

The Local would like to thank all Sanitation members for their input and patience.  And of course, we recognize the contribution of all members, our stewards, local staff and the Executive in supporting Sanitation members. This has been an enormous transition in the Branch and it is because our members worked together that we were able to accomplish this Branch restructure.

Steward meetings will begin again in September.

CUPE 1004 stewards at the June 2016 steward appreciation BBQ
Labour Day 2016  – Please join members of CUPE 1004’s Executive at the Labour Day Celebration on September 5 at Swangard Stadium:  Click here for Labour Day Celebration details

Unit Highlights

Sanitation – LAP completed.

Streets – We continue to work on accommodation issues in the Branch and have brought this issue to the central Labour Management Meeting with the Deputy Director, Engineering.  We are close to resolving a number of promotion (non-selection) grievances. .The Local brought a terminated member back to work through a positive grievance settlement.

Sewers – The Local just won a promotion grievance for a flusher truck position. We are happy that a large group of TFT employees have been extended through to November. 26, which will give these members seniority and recall rights.

Waterworks – A number of overtime grievances have been filed and are in the process of being resolved.  The Trades I Water Meter Mechanic arbitration will continue on October 18.

EQS – An afternoon shift unit meeting was held with Executive member Frank Warwick. Concerns about the impact of the recycling fleet no longer being in service was discussed at the August LMM.  The Branch has been assured that new vehicles will be coming to replace the recycling fleet and EQS will not see a loss of work.

Parks – The Local has met with HR and Parks management and discussed timeline problems with our 20+ outstanding grievances in Parks.  We are anticipating that we will see responses from management on a number of grievances in the weeks to come.

PNE – The Fair is on and we encourage our members to bring their friends and families to this great event.  We have taken a promotion grievance to step IV and are awaiting the employer’s response. The Local is in discussions with the living wage campaign about how it could affect our members at the PNE and Playland.

EasyPark – On August 8 the Local held a ratification meeting where our members voted in favour of the bargaining committee’s proposals.  Bargaining begins on September 8 and updates will be sent to members as the process develops.

PHS – Collective Bargaining will continue on September 15 & 16 with further dates scheduled in October.  A number of grievances have been filed in relation to protecting our bargaining unit work, probationary employees having union representation during discipline and termination meetings, and the PHS’s changes to the employee wellness program.  New Stewards Akeena Legall and Tuesday Andrich will be coming to your worksite on September 16 to give Union updates and answer questions.

Kwantlen Faculty Association – National Rep Bill Pegler and Business Agent Hasan Alam have met with our members to discuss priorities for our upcoming round of collective bargaining.

Capilano Students Union – All members took part in a successful unit meeting that was attended by Local President Andrew Ledger.

In solidarity,

Andrew Ledger
President CUPE 1004

Membership Meeting
Tues. Sept. 13, 5-7pm @ Maritime Labour Centre (MLC) 111 Victoria Drive, Vanc.
Stewards Meeting
Tues, Sept 20 1-3 pm @ MLC

Collective agreement ratified (City of Vancouver & Board of Parks and Recreation)

On April 19, 2016, City Council voted to ratify the Memorandum of Settlement that our members ratified on April 8.

We will now work to implement the new language into our collective agreement and will have them printed and available to members as soon as possible.

I would like to once again thank the Bargaining Committee for their work.

In solidarity

Andrew Ledger


CUPE mourns Local 1004 member killed on the job

CUPE mourns Local 1004 member killed on the job

VANCOUVER – CUPE 1004 and the entire CUPE family are mourning the death of Jody Taylor, a 43 year-old arborist for the Vancouver Park Board who died yesterday while on the job in Connaught Park doing the work he loved.

IMG_2172CUPE 1004 President Andrew Ledger joined Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, City Manager Sadhu Johnston, Park Board Manager Malcolm Bromley, and Park Board Commissioner John Coupar at a press briefing this morning at City Hall to express condolences to Brother Taylor’s family, friends and co-workers affected by this terrible event.

“On April 28, Canadians mourn workers killed on the job. It is my unfortunate duty to add Jody Taylor’s name to this year’s list,” said Ledger.

“CUPE 1004 and the entire CUPE family express our deepest condolences to Jody’s family, friends and co-workers—particularly the crew members who were with him when this tragedy unfolded.”

Ledger noted that Jody, who leaves behind a 10 year-old daughter, was a much- loved public employee and a dedicated arborist who for 16 years took daily pride in keeping Vancouver’s parks, playgrounds and boulevards “not only beautiful but safe for the citizens of our city.”

Ledger said that CUPE 1004 is actively involved in the investigation of this workplace fatality.

“When workers get up in the morning and go to work, we expect to come home alive at the end of the day,” he concluded. “Tragically, this did not happen for our brother Jody. CUPE 1004 commits to redoubling our efforts to ensure that workplace safety is our highest priority.”

Coworkers raise support for Jody

The Story

It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing of our dear friend and colleague Jody Taylor. He tragically lost his life due to a work related accident on March 31st 2016. At work he was very well liked and respected by all around him so we are all completely devastated by this tragic event.

Jody’s number one priority in life was his 10 year old daughter Tristen. Their father daughter relationship was very special. You only need to look at Jody’s Facebook collection of photos of the two of them together to see the mutual adoration and love they shared. As Jody’s friends we are devastated for Tristen and the family. Thankfully Tristen will be surrounded by her loving family during this difficult time.

Funds will be directed toward Tristen’s education, ensuring that she will be able to continue her pathway toward a bright future, one that her father would undoubtedly want her to have.

Any donations will be gratefully accepted…


Harry Kettmann, Jody’s friend and colleague at the Vancouver Park Board on behalf of the Taylor family.

Please donate:

City & Parks: Bargaining Update #3

City of Vancouver &
Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation


March 11, 2016

The CUPE 1004 City and Parks Bargaining Committee is unanimously recommending a Memorandum of Settlement, signed by your Bargaining Committee early this morning with the City of Vancouver.

A ratification meeting will be held at 4:30 p.m. on March 30, 2016 at the Maritime Labour Centre 111 Victoria Dr. Vancouver B.C.

Detailed information about the Memorandum will be available at the ratification meeting and copies will be made available for members prior to our electronic ratification process.

CUPE 1004 Bylaws provide that our ratification vote will take place online. CUPE 1004 uses simply voting, you will receive information about voting shortly.  Voting will be open from March 31 – April 7.

We will be reporting the results of the vote on Friday April 8th at noon.

Your Bargaining Committee is:

  • Gary Parker
  • Michael Lupo
  • Paul Baratta
  • Bonnie Lynn Duncan
  • Shawn Philley
  • Filipe De Menezes
  • Staff: Karen Kindrid
  • National Rep: Bill Pegler
  • President: Andrew Ledger

In Solidarity,

Andrew Ledger
CUPE 1004 President

Members Update for January 2016

Executive Report

At the January 12th Membership Meeting per the by-laws, nominations were held for the following members of the Executive were acclaimed for a second term:

  • Vice President – Gary Parker
  • Communication Officer – Dennis Donnelly
  • Streets – Michael Lupo
  • PNE – Melissa Chambers
  • EasyPark – Sharon Chu

The Executive is excited to continue to do the work it has been doing and is looking forward to strengthening our Local.

Our Secretary Treasurer, Brother Frank Lee has been elected to be a General Vice President of CUPE BC. We are incredibly proud of Frank and know he will do an excellent job advocating for CUPE members around the Province and be a strong ambassador for 1004.

The City & Parks Bargaining Committee had a second day at the table with the Employer and has begun to work on addressing proposals. The Committee will have a third day tomorrow and have scheduled four days for February and early March. An update will be sent to City and Parks members. The Committee had a full day of training with over 70 CUPE leaders from each municipal CUPE local Bargaining Committee from across the Lower Mainland. Regional priorities were discussed and information was shared. Dedicated bargaining coordination meetings with CUPE 15 & 391 are underway and will ensure we share updates and work on common concerns.

The Portland Hotel Society had its bargaining proposals ratified by its members at meetings on January 13 and we have now given formal notice to bargain with the PHS. The Joint CUPE 1004/1936 Bargaining Committee will be in discussion with the employer about next steps and setting dates to get to the table.

Unit Highlights


Our members concerns with the Labour Adjustment Plan have been brought to the employer and a draft of the revised proposal will be brought to the membership soon.


Brother Ryan Petrin has been elected as a Steward for the Branch. The Local has resolved three Bridge Crew and an OT grievances and will be adding resources to work on the backlog of other outstanding grievances.


The Local has won a significant promotion grievance getting our member posted to a Sub-Forman III position. The Branch Manager will be sharing the 2016 metrics with the Local in a meeting next week. OT and call out policies are still being worked on with management. The Local will have a booth at the AGM on Feb. 4th.


The Local is preparing for our Pump Mechanic Arbitration which has dates set for April. Steward and our BA continue to work on outstanding grievances. President Andrew Ledger and Unit Chair Paul Baratta will be visiting crews on Jan. 29.


Amy Sidwell has been hired as the new Branch Manager. Issues with parts delivery timelines and cost mark up are emerging following VSR’s reorganization of the warehouses.


The Local is seeing some minimal improvements in grievance response timelines. Just before Christmas, a senior terminated member was brought back to work after the Local was able to successfully argue that the level of discipline was unwarranted and inappropriate. Serious OH&S issues at REFM continue to be followed up on. New Stewards have stepped up for Jericho and in REFM for Asphalt /Drainage and Structures/Welding.


A demotion grievance was recently won and this win will have implications to multiple other live cases of a similar nature. Concerns about WCB rate of pay have been corrected. OH&S Committee has identified serious hazards in both work yards that will now be looked into.


The Local has set dates in June to go to arbitration for a terminated employee. A grievance has been filed regarding changes to the Wellness Program due to the PHS changing the way it supports staff suffering from addiction issues.

Kwantlen Faculty Association

A job description review will be done for our members in the near future.


In solidarity,

Andrew Ledger