CUPE 1004 Scholarship

In 2000, CUPE Local 1004 named our scholarship the “Wilf Greensill Memorial Scholarship” in memory of Brother Wilf Greensill who was fatally injured on the job by a hit and run driver on March 3rd, 1997. Brother Greensill was employed by the City of Vancouver Sewer’s Branch since 1972.  He was a truck driver and was checking an unusual noise on his vehicle when he was fatally injured. He left behind a wife, three daughters, family and friends.  He was scheduled to retire within two (2) months and reminds us all how fragile life is. A bench has been dedicated to Wilf on the east side of the train in Stanley Park.  The Sewer’s Branch retired Wilf’s truck number 1359 in his memory.

CUPE Local 1004 wants to ensure that Brother Greensill is remembered and honored by providing this history and renaming our scholarship. The local awards two $1,500 scholarships each year to members, or to family of members of the local. 


CUPE BC Scholarship

CUPE BC continues to offer the Aubrey Burton/Reg Ford Memorial Scholarship to CUPE members, their spouses or their children at a level of four scholarships of $500.00 each.