Local 1004 Executive Election Results (2019)

Elections were held from March 4 – 11, 2019 for the Local 1004 President and Secretary-Treasurer positions (2 year terms 2019-2021).  The following were elected:

  • President:      Andrew Ledger 
  • Secretary Treasurer:       Frank Lee 
The following positions were nominated and re-elected by acclamation at the January 8, 2019 Annual General Membership Meeting:
  • Unit Chair – COV EQS and Cemetery (2 Yr Term – 2019-2021) – Glenn Jones
  • Unit Chair – COV Sewers (2 Yr Term – 2019-2021) – Ray Ethier
  • Unit Chair – COV Waterworks (2 Yr Term – 2019-2021) – Paul Baratta
  • Unit Chair – Parks Horticulture & Urban Forestry (2 Yr Term – 2019-2021) – Bonnie Lynn Duncan
  • Unit Chair – PHS (2 Yr Term – 2019-2021) – Tuesday Andrich
  • Unit Chair – Small Units (2 Yr Term – 2019-2021) – Patrick Meehan
  • Trustee – (3 Yr Term – 2019-2022) – Nicole Baldin

New campaign video illustrates how CUPE municipal workers make our communities a great place to live

CUPE 1004 Members:

Every day CUPE members provide countless services that make our communities a great place to work and live. CUPE’s campaign this fall is going to highlight this fact through a number of tactics, including a campaign video featuring the very work we do.  

Click here to view CUPE’s Metro Municipal Workers Campaign video.

In solidarity

Andrew Ledger
President, CUPE 1004

1004 Members at BCIT FSA and VNHS Ratify Memorandum of Settlements

April 4, 2018

CUPE Local 1004 is happy to report that on March 29 members from BCIT Faculty & Staff Association (BCIT FSA) and Vancouver Native Housing Society (VNHS) ratified their respective Memorandum of Settlements reached with their employers.

Members voted online between March 22 and March 28 and a majority of members from both bargaining units voted to endorse their deals.

We thank the active and committed Bargaining Committee members:

Sascha Swartz
Kirsten Daub, Business Agent
Bill Pegler, National Representative
Andrew Ledger, President

Dominga Palomino
Kirsten Daub, Business Agent
Bill Pegler, National Representative
Andrew Ledger, President

Thank you also to those who participated in the ratification process. Once the settlements have been ratified by the employers, we will begin preparation for printing and distributing copies of the new collective agreements.

In Solidarity,
Andrew Ledger
CUPE 1004 President

2018 Election for 1004 Vice-President


  • Nominations open in January
  • The local runs annual elections in March
  • Elections are conducted electronically to make it more accessible for all members to participate. All members vote for the table officer and trustee positions. Only members from those specific work groups are eligible to vote for that specific unit chair position.

2018 Elections

There will be an election in March for the 1004 Vice President Position (2 year term 2018-2020). The nominees are:

Please click on their names to view their bios.

Elections will be conducted online between March 5 and March 12, 2018. If you do not receive your electronic ballot via email by March 6th, please call the 1004 Union office asap at 604-324-2440.

The following positions were nominated and re-elected by acclamation at the January 9, 2018 General Membership Meeting:

  • Communications Officer (2 Yr Term – 2018-2020) – Dennis Donnelly
  • Unit Chair – COV Sanitation and Landfill (2 Yr Term – 2018-2020) – none
  • Unit Chair – COV Streets (2 Yr Term – 2018-2020) – Michael Lupo
  • Unit Chair – Parks Maint. & Property Mgmt, Golf Courses, Railroad & Lifeguards (2 Yr Term – 2018-2020) – none
  • Unit Chair – PNE (2 Yr Term – 2018-2020) – Melissa Chambers
  • Unit Chair – EasyPark (2 Yr Term – 2018-2020) – Sharon Chu
  • Trustee – (2 Yr Term – 2018-2020) – Zoe Towle

PHS Ratification Update

December 20, 2017

Today, CUPE 1004 is pleased to announce that PHS members from CUPE Locals 1004 & 1936 ratified the Memorandum of Settlement reached on December 4 with the employer.

Members voted online between December 13 and December 19 and a significant majority of our members have voted to endorse the deal.

PHS members were well served by an active and engaged Joint Bargaining Committee:

CUPE 1004
    Andy Healey
    Ryan Quast
    Nicole Wheelhouse (Alt.)
    Andrew Ledger (President)

CUPE 1936
    Tanya Fader
    Mariner Janes
    Sheryl Burns (President)

Bill Pegler (National Rep / Chief Spokesperson)

Thank you to all who participated in the ratification process.  Once the settlement has been ratified by the employer, we look forward to printing and distributing copies of the new collective agreement in the new year.

In Solidarity,

Andrew Ledger
CUPE 1004 President

PNE and CUPE 1004 reach tentative contract

VANCOUVER – The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 1004, which represents approximately 3,300 PNE full time, part time and Fair-time employees, are pleased to announce the successful completion of bargaining.

CUPE Local 1004 and the PNE’s bargaining committees have reached a tentative four-year agreement, which must still be ratified by both parties. CUPE 1004 members are expected to vote on the deal next month. The tentative agreement runs from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2020 and includes:

• General wage increases of 1.5% (2017), 1.5% (2018), 2% (2019) and 2% (2020)
• Improvements to employee benefits plans
• Increases to frontline employee wages that exceed the new minimum wage
• Improved seniority language for part time workers

“Our members are the heart of the PNE,” said CUPE 1004 President Andrew Ledger. “We are happy for the success of the PNE and know how important it is for all residents of the Lower Mainland, and visitors from around the world.”

PNE President and CEO Michael McDaniel echoed that statement, “the success of the PNE is directly tied to the commitment and dedication of our employees. Everyone involved in the day-to-day operations of the organization all contribute to in excess of 1600 event days per year across all of our operations. The entire staff team should be congratulated for their ongoing contributions to this organization and the city as a whole.”

The agreement will be ratified by a vote of the CUPE 1004 members and approved by the PNE Board of Directors in the coming weeks.

About the PNE:

Owned by the City of Vancouver, the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) is a healthy and vibrant non-profit organization dedicated to providing over 3 million visitors a year with first-class cultural, sporting and family entertainment events. Founded in 1910, the PNE operates from a 114-acre site at Hastings Park, a multi-facility venue in Vancouver where the organization operates four activity streams: an annual 15-day Fair, Playland Amusement Park, maintenance and care of the Hastings Park site and management of the site’s year-round facilities. These facilities are utilized to celebrate a variety of hockey, amateur sporting, music, community, social, cultural and commercial events throughout the year.

About CUPE:

The Canadian Union of Public Employees is Canada’s largest union with over 650,000 members across the country. CUPE 1004 is a multi-employer local representing more than 4500 employees who work at the PNE and Playland, the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Park Board, EasyPark, the PHS Community Services Society, as well as others.

For more information about the Pacific National Exhibition visit: www.pne.ca. For more information about CUPE visit: www.cupe.ca.