Pacific National Exhibition


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The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) unit varies in size throughout the year. Membership peaks during Playland and Fair time. Since 1910, millions of guests have enjoyed shows, exhibits, sporting events, amusement rides, concerts, cultural activities, and of course – the annual summer Fair at the PNE, which is the longest running and best attended annual ticketed event in BC.  The Pacific National Exhibition provides employment opportunities for employees with seasonal, part-time, and full-time work in areas such as Operations, Finance, Administration, Marketing, Sales, Tech Services-Site and Ride Maintenance, Gaming, Agriculture, Public Safety, Food & Beverage, Ticketing, Games, Rides, Guest Services, and more. To support the operation of each of the business streams, at peak operations, the PNE employs approximately 3,660 employees – and is the largest employer of youth in BC!

Memorandum of Agreement

Download the Memorandum of Agreement between the Pacific National Exhibition and CUPE 1004.

Collective Agreement

Download the Collective Agreement between the Pacific National Exhibition and CUPE 1004.

Revised Wage Schedules:


Refer to the language in the collective agreement for a comprehensive list of employee benefits.

Employee Family Assistance Program

This EFAP program is run through LifeWorks Canada and is free to use. It is for helping you with life’s predictable challenges…. and the less predictable crises. It includes employee & family assistance, confidential counselling, legal & financial assistance, wellness programs, nutritional coaching, smoking cessation, eldercare & childcare information, and online resources. Contact information:

  1.   Phone:   1-888-307-0590
  2.   Online:

The User ID login for PNE employees is:  PNE, and the Password is healthy.  (Note: the password is case sensitive)


PNE employees are part of the Municipal Pension Plan.


There is a network of stewards that represent the members from the PNE. If you are looking for your steward information, contact the CUPE 1004 office for the information.

Occupational Health & Safety

Know your rights! Training is key. Workers Compensation Act & Regulations must be followed. Members sit on the Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Committee to monitor and discuss health & safety related issues or concerns in the workplace.

Jobs at the PNE

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