How to get involved

6 Ways to Get Involved

Everyone’s lives are getting busier each day which makes it more challenging for local union’s to engage members. Here’s how you can get more involved with the local:

  1. Attend monthly membership meetings

    The meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5:00 p.m. at the Maritime Labour Centre auditorium. The meetings review executive and staff business, the local’s finances, updates on campaigns and initiatives in workplaces, and more.  Food and refreshments are provided as well as prizes are drawn at the end of each meeting – thank you for attending!

  2. Become a steward

    The local provides regular training to keep you informed and educated on how to deal with members and management. If there already is an active steward in your workplace, how can you help them to engage the other members?

  3. Join a committee

    If you are from an equity seeking group, or you are politically engaged, or you want to be more proactive with  health & safety issues in your workplace – join the committee that’s right for you.

  4. Run for an executive position

    Help shape this local to be the best it can be for its members

  5. Vote in the elections

    Have your say in who runs this local. Elections are conducted electronically to make is as accessible as possible.

  6. Attend a conference or convention as a CUPE 1004 delegate

    There are a number of conferences and conventions available to our members each year. If you are interested in attending, please email regarding your interest.

Bylaws & Policies


Our bylaws set out the rules for how our local democratically elects our representatives, and how it is run. The bylaws have been approved by the membership, as well as by CUPE National.


Our policies set out the procedures for financial expenses, delegate selction, and more. Download here:


There are a number of forms that you may need to use while being active in this local. Download here:

  • Expense form
  • Book off request
  • Grievance forms
  • Municipal Pension Retirees Association membership for retiring members from City of Vancouver (Engineering & Parks)


Financials & Reports

Financial Statements

The local`s financials are controlled by the bookkeeper, reviewed and approved by the executive board, and approved by the membership. If you would like to view the budget and/or financial statements, please contact the Secretary Treasurer.


Delegate Reports

Union Education

Educating our members is one of the most important tasks. Knowledge is wealth. The local commits to educating our members by putting a strong emphasis on education through the budgeting process. Here are some educational opportunities:


If you are interested in getting educated, contact to express your interest.


CUPE 1004 Scholarship

In 2000, CUPE Local 1004 named our scholarship the “Wilf Greensill Memorial Scholarship” in memory of Brother Wilf Greensill who was fatally injured on the job by a hit and run driver on March 3rd, 1997. Brother Greensill was employed by the City of Vancouver Sewer’s Branch since 1972.  He was a truck driver and was checking an unusual noise on his vehicle when he was fatally injured. He left behind a wife, three daughters, family and friends.  He was scheduled to retire within two (2) months and reminds us all how fragile life is. A bench has been dedicated to Wilf on the east side of the train in Stanley Park.  The Sewer’s Branch retired Wilf’s truck number 1359 in his memory.

CUPE Local 1004 wants to ensure that Brother Greensill is remembered and honored by providing this history and renaming our scholarship. The local awards two $1,500 scholarships each year to members, or to family of members of the local. 


CUPE BC Scholarship

CUPE BC continues to offer the Aubrey Burton/Reg Ford Memorial Scholarship to CUPE members, their spouses or their children at a level of four scholarships of $500.00 each.

CUPE in the Community

CUPE 1004 Donations

CUPE 1004 donates to a number of charitable organizations each year. In 2016, the local made donations to the following organizations:

  • Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA)
  • CoDevelopment Canada
  • First Call
  • Disability Alliance
  • Forest and the Femme
  • CUPE National Disaster Relief
  • Vancouver District Labour Council (VDLC) for International Womens Day event
  • In trust for Tristen Taylor
  • Vancouver Ice Dogs Hockey (as per sports donations policy)
  • Lawyers Rights Watch
  • CUPE Metro
  • CUPE 391 for Word Vancouver Literary Festival
  • Greater Vancouver Food Bank
  • Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau
  • Greater Vancouver Food Bank

All donation requests must be submitted in writing to

CUPE BC & CUPE National

This local does great work, but so does our parent organizations. Check out their websites to see what campaigns they are taking on in our communities:

CUPE National

Campaigns include: Expand CPP, Rethink childcare, Protect Passenger safety, I love public health care, etc.


Campaigns include: Keep it public, Pay equity, Water Watch, City Watch, Childcare Now, etc.

Workers Advocate

CUPE 1004 Advocates for its Members

If you are facing an issue with your employment, a workplace issue, etc., CUPE 1004 recommends that you contact your steward to help navigate the processes agreed to between the union and employer. You can also contact our office and someone will be able to direct you in the appropriate direction.

Accidents happen, so we all need to be educated and prepared for what to do in these situations. Here’s an interesting read on dealing with WCB: I Will Never Get Injured on the Job

Workers Advisors Office

The Workers’ Advisers Office (WAO) provides free advice and assistance to workers and their dependants on disagreements they may have with WorkSafeBC decisions.

Workers advocate page 1 Workers advocate page 2 Workers advocate page 3 Workers advocate page 4