CUPE 1004 Executive Elections 2020

2020 Elections

Elections will be held from March 2 – 9, 2020 for the Local 1004 Vice President position (2 year term 2020-2022).  The following were nominated and accepted the nomination:

For more information on the election, please click here.

The following positions were nominated and re-elected by acclamation at the January 14, 2020 Annual General Membership Meeting:

  • Communications Officer (2 Yr Term 2020 – 2022 ) – Dennis Donnelly 
  • Unit Chair – COV FMS and Cemetery (14 month term to March 2021) – Frank Warwick
  • Unit Chair – COV Sanitation and Landfill (2 Yr Term 2020 – 2022) – vacant
  • Unit Chair – COV Streets  (2 Yr Term 2020 – 2022) – Michael Lupo
  • Unit Chair – Parks (Maintenance, Golf Courses, Railway, Lifeguards) (2 Yr Term 2020 – 2022) – vacant
  • Unit Chair – EasyPark (2 Yr Term 2020 – 2022) – Sharon Chu
  • Unit Chair – PNE (2 Yr Term 2020 – 2022)  Melissa Chambers
  • Unit Chair – Small Units (14 month term to March 2021) – vacant
  • Trustee – (3 Yr Term 2020 -2023) – Andy Healey

Moreno Cerra Memorial Fundraiser

A fundraiser has been set up by Angela Cerra for those wishing to donate to support the family of Mo Cerra, the 1004 member who was killed on the job on September 28th.  Details are available at the following link:

If City of Vancouver employees wish to have time paid out of their available banks to make a donation, please speak with your supervisor for approval and please note that any time banks paid out will be subject to the usual statutory deductions.

In addition, there is also a Memories’ page set up to share messages and photos, and to help celebrate Mo’s life.

In Solidarity,

Andrew Ledger
President, CUPE Local 1004



CUPE mourns Local 1004 member killed on the job

VANCOUVER – CUPE 1004 and the entire CUPE family are mourning the death of Moreno Cerra, a 49 year-old seventeen year employee with the City of Vancouver Engineering Streets Branch, who died while on the job.

CUPE 1004 and the entire CUPE family express our deepest condolences to Mo’s family, friends and co-workers—particularly the crew members who were with him when this tragedy unfolded.

It is devastating when a workplace accident results in any of our brothers or sisters not coming home safely after their shift, and for most of us it is beyond contemplation that a family member would not return home at the end of the day.  For a member of our union family, that unthinkable circumstance became reality this weekend when a workplace accident claimed the life of Mo Cerra from Streets Branch at the City of Vancouver.

The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon (Sept. 28) while our members were working in the area of Boundary Road and Second Avenue.  Upon hearing of the accident, I went straight to National Yard where I met with the crew as they were arriving on site.  I spent two hours with them getting an understanding of what had happened and offering support from the Local.  Subsequently, I have been meeting with members and supporting them as they deal with this devastating loss, offering the full support of our union.

Mo was a long-serving member and was a very well-loved individual, the kind of person who always had a smile on his face and was always going out of his way to brighten the lives of those he worked with.  I have been in touch with the family to offer condolences and support on behalf of the entire membership of our union.

Several investigations will look into the circumstances surrounding this accident in the coming weeks, including those by the RCMP, Coroner’s Office, WorkSafeBC, the City of Vancouver and Local 1004.  We are offering our support to these investigations and are encouraging that those with knowledge of the details keep those confidential to the investigatory process until a final outcome is reached and report is published.  The City of Vancouver, as an interim measure and pending any further recommendations arising from the investigations, has already instituted new workplace rules to address preliminary observations from the accident.

In the coming days we will work with the City of Vancouver and the various support agencies and services to ensure that Mo’s co-workers and family receive the care they need in the wake of this tragedy.  It is important that we are all here for each other as we mourn our fallen co-worker so please reach out to me if you have any questions, need support or have concerns.

In solidarity
Andrew Ledger
President, CUPE Local 1004

Bargaining Committee Elections – COV and Parks Board

Nominations were held to elect a Bargaining Committee in preparation for upcoming City of Vancouver and Parks Board collective agreement negotiations.

Elections will be held electronically (online) from March 25 to April 1, 2019.   Voter credentials are being sent via email to all Local 1004 City of Vancouver members that the local has on file with a valid email address. Anyone who does have email or did not receive their voter credentials and wishes to vote, please contact the Union office asap at 604-324-2440.

The following candidates were nominated for the City of Vancouver (click here to view their bios):

  • Paul Baratta (Waterworks)
  • Glenn Jones (EQS)
  • Mike Lupo (Streets)
  • Scott McIntosh (Streets)
  • Gary Parker (Sewers)

The following candidates were nominated for the Parks Board (click here to view their bios):

  • Nicole Baldin (Jericho)
  • Saul Blakey (Stanley Park)
  • Bonnie Lynn Duncan (Jericho)
  • Brodie Finlayson (Evans Yard)
  • Shawn Philley (Downtown Parks)

If you have any questions, please contact the Union office or Casey Skidmore, Balloting Committee @ 604-324-2440 between 9 and 4 pm weekdays.

Local 1004 Executive Election Results (2019)

Elections were held from March 4 – 11, 2019 for the Local 1004 President and Secretary-Treasurer positions (2 year terms 2019-2021).  The following were elected:

  • President:      Andrew Ledger 
  • Secretary Treasurer:       Frank Lee 
The following positions were nominated and re-elected by acclamation at the January 8, 2019 Annual General Membership Meeting:
  • Unit Chair – COV EQS and Cemetery (2 Yr Term – 2019-2021) – Glenn Jones
  • Unit Chair – COV Sewers (2 Yr Term – 2019-2021) – Ray Ethier
  • Unit Chair – COV Waterworks (2 Yr Term – 2019-2021) – Paul Baratta
  • Unit Chair – Parks Horticulture & Urban Forestry (2 Yr Term – 2019-2021) – Bonnie Lynn Duncan
  • Unit Chair – PHS (2 Yr Term – 2019-2021) – Tuesday Andrich
  • Unit Chair – Small Units (2 Yr Term – 2019-2021) – Patrick Meehan
  • Trustee – (3 Yr Term – 2019-2022) – Nicole Baldin

New campaign video illustrates how CUPE municipal workers make our communities a great place to live

CUPE 1004 Members:

Every day CUPE members provide countless services that make our communities a great place to work and live. CUPE’s campaign this fall is going to highlight this fact through a number of tactics, including a campaign video featuring the very work we do.  

Click here to view CUPE’s Metro Municipal Workers Campaign video.

In solidarity

Andrew Ledger
President, CUPE 1004