There are a number of committees that this local has working on various projects in order to address important issues and engage our members. If you are interested in joining any of the committees listed below, please contact the chair of that committee for more information.

Membership Committees

Bylaws Committee

  • Chair, Dennis Donnelly
  • Reviews and recommends the bylaws and procedures of the local.

Communications Committee

  • Chair, Dennis Donnelly
  • Reviews communications of the local, including the website, branded materials, etc.

Grievance Committee

  • Chair, Scott McIntosh
  • Provides an appeal process for member grievances that have not been recommended to proceed by the local advisers.

Occupational Health & Safety Committee (OH&S)

  • Chair, vacant
  • Co-Chair, Melissa Chambers
  • Works to improve the health and safety conditions for our members and ensures that all workplaces have the right representation.

Political Action Committee

  • Chair, Frank Lee
  • Reviews and recommends how CUPE 1004’s collective power can be useful during elections, including municipal, provincial, and federal elections.

Executive Committees

Budget & Finance Committee

  • Chair, Frank Lee
  • Reviews the financial statements and develops the budget.

Education Committee

  • Chair, Scott McIntosh
  • Reviews and recommends education opportunities for members and staff.

Staff Relations Committee

  • Chair, Dennis Donnelly
  • Negotiates with the unionized staff during collective bargaining.