CUPE 1004 members elect an executive board that is responsible for the local. There are four table officers and twelve unit chairs that make up the composition of the board. Executive board is accountable to CUPE 1004 members. The local elects Trustees to verify that the financial records are in accordance with the policies and procedures.


  • Nominations open in January
  • The local runs annual elections in March
  • Elections are conducted electronically to make it more accessible for all members to participate. All members vote for the table officer and trustee positions. Only members from those specific work groups are eligible to vote for that specific unit chair position.

2018 Elections

There will be an election in March for the 1004 Vice President Position (2 year term 2018-2020). The nominees are:

Please click on their names to view their bios.

Elections will be conducted online between March 5 and March 12, 2018. If you do not receive your electronic ballot via email by March 6th, please call the 1004 Union office asap at 604-324-2440.

The following positions were nominated and re-elected by acclamation at the January 9, 2018 General Membership Meeting:

  • Communications Officer (2 Yr Term – 2018-2020) – Dennis Donnelly
  • Unit Chair – COV Sanitation and Landfill (2 Yr Term – 2018-2020) – none
  • Unit Chair – COV Streets (2 Yr Term – 2018-2020) – Michael Lupo
  • Unit Chair – Parks Maint. & Property Mgmt, Golf Courses, Railroad & Lifeguards (2 Yr Term – 2018-2020) – none
  • Unit Chair – PNE (2 Yr Term – 2018-2020) – Melissa Chambers
  • Unit Chair – EasyPark (2 Yr Term – 2018-2020) – Sharon Chu
  • Trustee – (2 Yr Term – 2018-2020) – Zoe Towle


  • Executive board meets at least once per month
  • The board is accountable to its members, so reports are provided at the monthly membership meetings regarding the activities of the local.

Meet the Team

Table Officers

President Andrew Ledger Portland Hotel Society employee
Vice President Gary Parker City of Vancouver sewers employee
Secretary Treasurer Frank Lee EasyPark employee
Communications Officer Dennis Donnelly Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) employee


 Unit Chairs

Equipment Services  (City of Vancouver)  Glenn Jones
cupe-touchiconSanitations & Landfill (City of Vancouver) Laurence Cameron
cupe-touchiconSewers (City of Vancouver) David Seller
Streets (City of Vancouver) Michael Lupo
cupe-touchicon Waterworks (City of Vancouver) Paul Baratta
Horticulture  (Parks Board) Bonnie Lynn Duncan
cupe-touchicon Maintenance (Parks Board) Vacant
cupe-touchiconPacific National Exhibition (PNE) Melissa Chambers
Portland Hotel Society (PHS) Andy Healy
EasyPark Sharon Chu
Small Units Sarah Carrier




Three Year Term Zoe Towle Elected in 2015
Three Year Term Nicole Baldin Elected in 2017
Three Year Term Akeena Legall Elected in 2017