PHS Community Services Society

Bargaining Updates and MOA

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CBA Collective Agreement, Benchmark and Wage Grids

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PHS Community Services Society (PHS) is a non-profit society that manages buildings that provide social housing and support, focusing on people with chronic substance abuse issues or concurrent disorders, primarily in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside and Victoria. Additionally the Society provides innovative healthcare services co-managed with Vancouver Coastal Health along with drug replacement therapy designed to respond to the Canadian drug poisoning crisis.

Collective Agreement

Download or view the current 2015-2019 collective agreement  between the PHS Community Services Society and CUPE 1004 (for Nurses and Paramedical Professionals).

Download or view the current 2019-2022 provincial collective agreement between the Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC) and the Nurses’ Bargaining Association.

Download or view the LOU re Maintenance Work III Rate of Pay – Jan. 10, 2019

Download or view the MOU re Low Wage Redress – Mar. 28, 2019

Download or view the MOA re CUPE 1936 Melding into the CBA


Refer to the language in the collective agreement for a comprehensive list of employee benefits.

Wellness Resources

Members at the PHS have access to counselling support services. Please contact any of the counsellors listed below:

Danielle Bowersock 778-926-1325
Matty Devenish 604-779-9489
Lara Ellison 604-715-8216
Brenna King 604-788-5464
Peter La Grand 778-683-3395
Ayesha Sackey 778-938-5749
Tommy Spence 604-779-9489
Shalene Takara
Elana Angus 250-419-2366
Penny Fenske 250-884-8306
Joel Kroeker 250-884-3812
Cate Pelling 250-889-3768
Trina Woods

PHS members wishing to improve their physical mental and emotional fitness by joining the Frontline Fight Club with free sessions at the Eastside Boxing Club, Wednesdays at 8:30 AM and Friday at 9 AM.

There is a Social Health Fund that budgets $300 micro-grants for one staff organized event in each city to promote wellness and community building. Fund applications can be sent to

The Wellness Fund grants of up to $5000 can be accessed by all members for substance use disorder treatment, gender expenses and support, and disability supplies and services supplemental to the Extended Health Plan.  This program can be accessed through


PHS members are now a part of the Municipal Pension Plan (MPP).


Contact the Local 1004 office for a list of PHS stewards.

Occupational Health & Safety

Know your rights! Training is key. Workers Compensation Act & Regulations must be followed. Members sit on the Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Committee to monitor and discuss health & safety related issues or concerns in the workplace.

Get to Know the PHS

CUPE 1004 workers share their stories about work at PHS

VANCOUVER—CUPE 1004 members who work for the Portland Hotel Society have produced a short video talking about the work they do and why the vision and approach of the PHS has been so successful.

The video was produced following the announcement that PHS will be under the direction of a new board and senior management.

“CUPE members are passionate about maintaining the flexible services and the innovative model that has been developed at PHS and we wanted to share a few stories about what we do and why it matters,” said Andrew Ledger, CUPE 1004 representative.

CUPE 1004 is a multi-sector composite union local that includes workers at the Portland Hotel Society (PHS) Community Services Society, the City of Vancouver, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, the PNE, and a variety of other civic and non-profit organizations.