Member Update for Nov 2015

General Membership Highlights:

The November meeting did not have quorum, but a short information meeting was held. The following positions are vacant and nominations will be sought at the December membership meeting.

  • City – Sewers Unit Chair – Two year term
  • Parks – Maintenance – Two year term
  • City Sanitation and Landfill – One year term

The local needs to fill the vacancies on the executive and we are always in need of more stewards. If you are interested please contact

Executive Report

  • We are pleased to announce that Brother Mark Hancock was elected CUPE National President at our National Convention held here in Vancouver November 2-6. It is exciting to have the former president of CUPE BC as our new National leader and we look forward to working with Mark in the years to come.
  • The City and Parks Bargaining Committee are working to finalize our proposals following the input we received from our ratification meeting on November 9thwhere our members overwhelmingly voted in support of the Committee’s proposals. The Committee is preparing to meet with the Employer mid December to commence bargaining.
  • On November 17 Vancouver City Council voted unanimously to allow MMBC to take back the contract for curbside and multi family recycling effective November 2016. This will see the service our CUPE 1004 members have provided for 20 years turned over to private contractors as a result of the legislation implemented by the Provincial Liberal Government in 2014.
  • The Local has worked incredibly hard to fight this provincial government created privatizing scheme that left City Council with no public option. But we negotiated a strong Labour Adjustment Plan to immediately convert 21 Temporary Full-time members to permanent Regular Full-time status.
  • CUPE 1004 members will work in expanded Sanitation services such as Street Cleaning and Litter pickup. We pushed the Employer and secured employment in Sewers and Streets so none of our RFT members will be laid off as this change of service takes place. These changes were discussed at a Sanitation Unit meeting on November 13th and member endorsed the Plan unanimously. It was signed by both the Union and City November 18th.
  • The City of Vancouver will be voting on its 2016 budget on December 9th. Andrew Ledger will be in attendance and will speak to council regarding the areas of concern our Local has in regards to the proposed budget.
  • Vancouver Civic Unions continue to meet to discuss the budget and bargaining priorities for our upcoming round of negotiations. There are common issues for all three CUPE Locals in the city and we will continue to work together in the weeks to come.

Committee Updates

There are a number of committees that have been working for our Local:

Political Action

Is looking at the upcoming by-elections in Vancouver and Burnaby and will be giving members an update in January


Is working hard to develop a new webpage for 1004 with hopes to launch it in early 2016. They also want to remind our members to follow us on Facebook at:


Is doing an evaluation of our expenditures for 2015 as we approach the year’s end and has drafted a preliminary budget for 2016, which will be presented to the membership at our December Membership Meeting.

Unit Updates

  • Sewers: The Union recently met with management to discuss metrics regarding the contracting out of flat deck transporting to Busters towing. The City has implemented a process whereby trucks within the sewers department are being fitted to do flat deck work, thereby keeping this work within the bargaining unit.
  • Sanitation: The Local continues to have serious timeline issues with grievances. A meeting was held with senior management to follow up with some of our concerns with driver training. We will continue to follow up with the city on this issue as it affects sanitation more than any other branch.
  • Waterworks: The Union will be meeting management this week to discuss the results of the backhoe-training program, which was recently implemented by the City.
  • Streets: The Local is preparing to go to two expedited arbitrations regarding non-promotion grievances. The Emergency Truck transfer to Sanitation has now been grieved. Overtime allocation for TD1 on the bridge crew is being grieved because the employer is not using the spare list.
  • EQS: Continued concerns from REFM’s impact on the branch have been brought up at both the EQS and Parks LMM. The transfer of an EQS Carpenter to REFM will be monitored by the Local.
  • Parks: BA Karen Kindrid and President Andrew Ledger Have visited Jericho Yard and will be visiting Sunset Yard December 2nd to address member concerns. The union continues to push for management to provide quicker responses to the large amount of outstanding grievances.
  • Easy Park: The Employer recently eliminated one of two maintenance positions at EasyPark. The Union has filed a grievance to address this elimination as maintenance work at EasyPark has been traditionally been done by bargaining unit members.
  • PNE: We have been working to ensure that a labour representative is on the PNE Board of Directors. We recently received the PNE Organization chart which confirms that there are 58 excluded staff working full time. We will continue to look at how the city’s living wage commitment will affect our members at the PNE and will continue to bring this issue forward at LMM.
  • PHS: The PHS Joint Bargaining Committee has finished the draft proposals for our next round of bargaining and will be setting a date for a ratification meeting in the next few weeks. The Union will be meeting with WorkSafe BC and the Employer to address a number of concerns with regards to a Violence Prevention Policy that was created by the employer without consultation with the Union. The Union is also in the process of scheduling dates for an upcoming arbitration regarding the termination of a long serving employee.

In Solidarity,

Andrew Ledger
CUPE Local 1004 President